Rich Hartman

Rich Hartman

Rich has been a Police K9 Trainer for the last 8 years. As a member of the Dtac team, Rich shares the responsibility for the training of multiple Police and Sheriff K9s in the Sacramento and Bay Area region. Rich also raises and trains puppies that are trained to work as Police K9s. He currently has dozens of patrol K9s placed into service in the Northern California Region.

Rich is also the owner and head trainer at Ridgeside K9 NorCal, a pet dog training facility that trains hundreds of pet dogs and their owners every year. Rich’s passion for dog training and his experience as a police K9 handler and trainer led him to join Dtac’s owner, Gregg Tawney, as a co-host of “Police K9 Radio”, a podcast dedicated to the gathering and dissemination of K9 knowledge to the masses.

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