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D-Tac K9 is a training organization which specializes in patrol and detection K-9 training in Northern California. Our mission statement includes using the most humane and effective training methods available. We pride ourselves on using a training philosophy which ce​nters around positive reinforcement and developing a strong relationship between the handler and their canine.

The founders of D-Tac K9, Gregg and Candace Tawney have over twenty five years of experience training police dogs. The trainers are all active members of law enforcement, so clients are getting the most current and up to date training methods, case law, and tactics. We are strong believers in scenario based training and testing both handlers and dogs under stressful conditions in order to prepare them for situations they will face on the street.

In addition, D-Tac K9 prides itself on providing a ratio of one trainer to five handlers within its training groups insuring personal attention to each K-9 handler. All of our trainers have been hand selected. Each trainer has been a prior handler and all of them share the same motivational training philosophy.

Gregg’s interview on Discovery Channel

(Interview begins at the 44 second mark)

training courses

What sets us apart is we train the handler, not just the dog. Our training consists of reality-based training and stress inoculation for the handler.

Sacramento / Roseville Area


This class is four weeks (160 hours) and each team will be POST certified at the end of the class.

This class will include imprinting odors (Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cocaine and/or firearms), scent theory, search patterns and case law. Your team will be ready for a POST certification at the end of the class.


Sacramento / Roseville Ar

Explosives K9 Detection Course This

This class is six weeks (240 hours) and each team will be POST certified at the end of the class.


This class will include but is not limited to the following odors: AN, Det Cord, Deta Sheet, Black Powder, Smokeless Powder, PETN, RDX, C4, TATP, HMTD, TNT, and Dynamite. Students will receive instruction in scent theory, search patterns and case law. Your team will be ready for a POST certification at the end of the class.

Sacramento Area

Basic Police K9 Patrol Course

This class is six weeks (240 hours) and is designed for a new handler, police canine or both.


Tuesday – Friday 0800-1800


The course will prepare the handler/dog team for the POST K-9 Evaluation. In addition the handler will be instructed in animal behavior, K9 case law, police K9 tactics, tracking, article searches and reality based training with an emphasis on decision making.

*We offer 4 basic handler classes per year
(maximum of 7 teams)


upcoming training dates


Basic Patrol K9 Courses for 2024

January 30th thru March 8th
April 30th thru June 7th
July 30th thru September 6th
October 29th thru December 6th

Narcotics/Firearms Detection Courses for 2024

April 30th thru May 24th
July 30th thru August 23rd
October 29th thru November 22nd

Explosives K9 Detection Course for 2024

January 31st thru March 9th

Canine Supervision 365

August 12 thru 14 (2024) – Napa, California
December 9 thru 11 (2024) – Palm Springs, California

Class Description

Canine Supervision 365 (CS365) is a comprehensive 3-day course designed for K9 supervisors and administrators to address liability, case law, scenario-based training, monthly pertormance evaluations, supervisory challenges, current industry standards, “K9 incidents in the news.,” and much more. There will only be two (2) classes scheduled in 2024. 

Contact us for pricing and to reserve your spots

(Limit 7 handler/dog teams per class)

d-tac k9


Placer County Sheriff’s Department
Elk Grove Police Department
Citrus Heights Police Department
Folsom Police Department
Pleasanton Police Department
Amador County Sheriff’s Department
South Lake Tahoe Police Department
Sutter County Sheriff’s Department
Nevada County Sheriff’s Department
Yuba City Police Department
Marysville Police Department
Grass Valley Police Department
Pittsburg Police Department (Patrol and EOD K9s)

Union City Police Department
Napa Police Department
San Ramon Police Department
Pleasant Hill Police Department
Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department
W. Sacramento Police Department
Riverside Sheriff’s Department
Butte County Sheriff’s Department
Sierra County Sheriff’s Department
Fairfield Police Department
Vacaville Police Department
Sacramento Probation Department

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