Greg moore

Greg Moore is a full time police officer and K-9 handler with twenty years of experience. Greg has been involved with police K-9s for fifteen years. Over his K-9 career, Greg has worked two German Shepherds, a Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd and experienced how each breed, when properly selected and trained, can be an asset to any K-9 unit. Greg is a firm believer that the use of motivational techniques through proper reward schedules is far more effective then relying solely on compulsion based training. The proper application of positive reinforcement creates a partner that “wants to work”. 


In addition to his K-9 experience, Greg has an extensive tactical background. Greg has been a SWAT operator, a SWAT team leader and a force on force tactics instructor. Greg is also a department firearms instructor and armorer. 


Greg’s focus has been integrating and utilizing the police K-9 in a tactical environment.  With his background, Greg has been able to create training scenarios based on real world tactics that create effective handler and dog teams within a tactical team, as well as patrol operations.  

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