tim kiesling

Tim Kiesling is a Police Officer and current canine handler in Northern California with over a decade of experience tr​aining working dogs. He currently owns and operates a small business dedicated to breeding, training and producing a stable, social, superior working dog that exceeds the expectations of his clients. 

Tim started his career working with police service dogs while attending the Fresno Peace Officer’s Academy. Upon graduation, Tim moved back to his hometown of Sacramento and became the lead decoy for the Sacramento Police Department all while earning a B.S. in Criminal Justice from CSU Sacramento. During his tenure with the Sacramento Police Department, Tim was responsible for assisting with weekly K9 training of over seven different law enforcement agencies and instructing novice decoys on the appropriate techniques used to work police service dogs safely and correctly. 

Tim has had the opportunity to train with some of the leading police and sport dog trainers in the world, such as Gary Park, Tim Cutter, Jim Lempner, Dick Staal and Michael Ellis. Tim’s training philosophy has a balanced approach and is rooted upon upon motivational techniques and operant conditioning. Tim is a graduate of the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers decoy school, a member/decoy for the Western States Police Canine Association (WSPCA) and classified (certified) IPO/Schutzhund Helper.

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